Flower magic with Bloomen

I’ve been wanting to learn the art (and science) of floral arrangement for a while now. Ever since I started making my paper blooms for Dottieshop, I found myself struggling with how to position blooms together, whether in a small bunch or a bigger bouquet. Thanks to a friend, I discovered Daryl and Hema, the amazing couple-team behind home-based florist Bloomen!

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Progress, not perfection

Last week, I attended the first of five watercolour classes conducted by local watercolour artist Tam Kwan Yuen. This week, we had our second class. We started off with a (according to him, “quite simple”) bunny, and I was quite happy with the finished result.

This week’s challenge – a mountain-valley landscape piece – was significantly harder for us, and I was somewhat not satisfied with my end product. But I think it’s a good kind of dissatisfaction that spurs me on to want to keep trying to get better at my craft.

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Shifting sands

4Recently, it feels like I’m in a state of transition and limbo. Not alarmingly or distressingly so, but just, like SO. Part of me is at peace in accepting that life is always about change and uncertainty and new perspectives and goals. Then again, I also wrestle with those feelings of lostness and loss that are part of the journey.

Do you ever have moments like these? It feels like I’m on a bus headed somewhere. I don’t quite know where I’m headed, but I somehow know it’s someplace good yet uncertain. I have no itinerary for my bus route, so I don’t know where we are stopping at or for how long. I’m glad I have friends with me on the ride, but they are equally clueless about how we are getting to where we are supposed to go, and besides, we might be getting off at different stops along the way…

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June, I miss you already…

How quickly the four weeks have swept past us. It’s been a strange sort of holiday, with crazy-busy days interspersed with languid lazy ones. I loved the luxury of waking up just that little bit later (my boys are early risers, school or not), taking our time over breakfast, and meeting up with friends. Then there were the many fights to break up, toys to tidy, and the endless stream of “Why?” and “I can’t do it!” to respond to. It was energy-zapping and hilarious and exciting and stressful.

Imaginarium. Shrek. Mister Maker. Zoo. U Town. Sentosa. Cable Car. Grandma’s. Pizza. Rock Cakes. Art. More Pizza. Music. Books. Water Play. More Art. Family. Friends.

I am already missing our precious month of June. How about you?

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For every father


We are now about one month to Father’s Day, and a group of friends and I have joined hands to raise funds for a good cause. Besides our own fathers, and (for those of us who have kids) the husbands we love, there is a special group of fathers that often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Most days, we pass by them on the streets or in the malls and food courts, and scarcely give them a second look – but these are men who have sacrificed precious time with their families just so they can put bread on the table, pay the bills, and perhaps send their kids to school.

This June, our team hope to be a blessing to these fathers through two Father’s Day gift sets. All sales proceeds will be donated to HealthServe, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing healing and hope to migrant workers in Singapore.

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It takes a village to SAVE a child

Photo credit: Preemptive Love Coalition
Photo credit: Preemptive Love Coalition

Some of you may know that Preemptive Love Coalition is an organisation whose work I admire and support. (Here’s my story) Every day, these men and women are in the trenches of human need, rescuing families, establishing communities, building facilities and bringing hearts of compassion and hands of aid.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the hope that Easter means than to join hands and pool together the little that we have to make a difference in the lives of these displaced Iraqi families. We may not be able to offer long-term solutions for the many struggles that they face, but we can be part of the process of restoration and rebuilding of lives. Come, be part of that “village” with us!

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Tokyo dreamin’


During my two-week break from blogging earlier this month, I spent most of my mornings painting these cards for our family’s upcoming trip to Japan. (On a sidenote, even though the boys are both in school now, I’m busier than ever – but in a good way! To ensure that family always gets priority, I will probably be posting less frequently in this space this year… anyway, back to our holiday.)

Our trip is still two months away, but well, I like to be prepared about these kind of things in advance. The itinerary is mostly ready, our accommodation is booked, and these cards are the start of a travel kit I’m assembling for all of us to really soak in the culture of Japan, understand more of her rich heritage and look forward to all we will see and experience with great anticipation!

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Get CNY-ready with 3M


Last month, we received a huge box of goodies from the kind folks at 3M, and they have seen us through a month of fun crafting, card-making, house decorating and gift wrapping! The boys and I have always been huge fans of their washi tape, and this time around, we have been really spoilt for choice with the array of pretty designs. Our box of treasures included a range of Scotch Expressions Tapes and other Scotch brand tapes, a pair of Multi Purpose Scissors, a pair of Precision Scissors and some adhesives.

Read on for our review, a couple of CNY tips, and a special giveaway! #huatah

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Paper dreams


For well over two years, I have dreamed of starting my own little creative business, and have always talked myself out of it.

Too little business sense. Too little time. Too many professionals who are much better than me. Too much cost involved. And, of course, wondering what He would have me do with these wisps of a dream and hopes like a child.

I did dabble in various ad-hoc card-making projects here and there, to raise funds for charity. I also did several customised projects for weddings, but those were few and far between. I didn’t really dare dream of or hope for more…

One day, I realized that this dream isn’t going to go away. Crafting is what I love to do, so why not earn my keep while I’m at it?

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