I’ve got you


Ten years ago, a group of us were invited to attend and lead worship at an international missions conference in the region. As I was serving in a music ministry at the time, it wasn’t an unusual request or the first time that I was part of such an event, but it is only years later that I am beginning to understand what a truly watershed experience it was for me.

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What 50:39 taught me


This morning, my Facebook feed literally EXPLODED with reports of Joseph Schooling’s record-breaking win of the Rio 2016 Olympics 100m butterfly event. And what a race it was! Definitely something I will remember for many years to come, caught up in the moment as we all were, Singaporeans at home and abroad. It was 50:39 seconds of pure adrenalin, edge-of-seat bated breath, lithe and agile movements and that euphoric win. Our first Singapore gold!

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Shifting sands

4Recently, it feels like I’m in a state of transition and limbo. Not alarmingly or distressingly so, but just, like SO. Part of me is at peace in accepting that life is always about change and uncertainty and new perspectives and goals. Then again, I also wrestle with those feelings of lostness and loss that are part of the journey.

Do you ever have moments like these? It feels like I’m on a bus headed somewhere. I don’t quite know where I’m headed, but I somehow know it’s someplace good yet uncertain. I have no itinerary for my bus route, so I don’t know where we are stopping at or for how long. I’m glad I have friends with me on the ride, but they are equally clueless about how we are getting to where we are supposed to go, and besides, we might be getting off at different stops along the way…

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The Little Singapore Book

IMG_6145We spied this book at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) at the National Library back in June, and were attracted by its cover. The Little Singapore Book was available for pre-order at the time. Two weeks ago, our copy finally dropped in our mailbox, and we had a wonderful few days unpacking its contents page by page. David, especially, was captivated by the beautiful illustrations and interesting anecdotes of Singapore’s history.

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What’s SUP?

IMG_6055South Union Park is a gem of a cafe-restaurant nestled in the East, and became our choice of venue to celebrate nine years of marriage earlier this month. We were curious to see how great the food was after seeing some delectable-looking photos on my friend’s IG, and we decided to bring the boys along with us for a cosy family dinner. Well, I’m glad to say that South Union Park certainly lived up to all our expectations! #notasponsoredpost

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My love-hate relationship with Chinese

mandarin_2003767cTruth be told, my Mandarin is bottom-of-the-pile pathetic. My friends know that I am Not. Kidding.

It wasn’t always that way – I actually scored As or near to As during my primary school days. Ironically, it was also during that time that I began to intensely dislike this language that forced me to spend long hours memorising words and phrases, and when the learning curve took a steep jump in secondary school, any interest in the subject was basically killed.

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Imperfect parenting

old-young-holding-handsA wise pastor recently shared his own journey in recognising his personal inadequacies as a father, and in fact, how inadequate we all are as parents, and his words gave me much food for thought.

You see, I’ve never thought of myself as a perfect parent. I know all too well that what others see on my social media feed, and even on this blog, has been censored, filtered, painted in pretty words, no matter how raw or real. But the inner struggles of a parent are often not a pretty sight at all, and harsh words and unkind thoughts can’t be captured on camera. So no, I am definitely not a perfect parent.

But what struck me deeply about what he shared is that this is true of our own parents as well.

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 9 : Hello Disneyland!


P4139479 P4139483So after what seems like forever, I’m finally finishing up our Tokyo trip posts with our time at Disneyland and Disney Sea. It was a first for the boys and me (although my mum vaguely remembers they might have brought me to Disneyland when I was really young, but I seriously have no recollection of it and she’s not sure if she’s remembering that or Gold Coast, Australia, but anyway…) and definitely a great way to end our Japan holiday.

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