Advent Christmas Jars


In years past, our family has planned a month of meaningful Advent activities/crafts that take us from 1 to 25 December. This year, we decided to do something different.

One big reason is that the recent spate of Dottieshop madness has given me very little capacity to plan for the 25 days, so I decided to simplify. Drastically 😉

Another reason for the change is because I wanted something that would bring our hearts back to focusing on just three things this busy Christmas season: Joy, Prayer & Thanksgiving (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Less getting and more giving; less scurrying about and more resting in His love.

And so, I present to you our DIY Advent Christmas Jars!!

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New books for the holidays, thanks to Owl Readers Club!

During our decluttering exercise these past few weeks, one of the hardest categories of items to sort through was our boys’ extensive collection of books. Our family loves books, and we have been holding on to quite a few books from the boys’ baby years due to sentimental reasons, but it was finally time to let go of some of them.


Over the years, we have fine-tuned our senses to better suss out which books the boys will truly enjoy, and which books only look appealing to us as adults but don’t really spark their interest. (Parents, you know what I mean right?) Well, it was time to say goodbye to those books too. Which means that their bookshelves are looking more sparse and organised at the moment, and only filled with treasures that they really love.

So when we were asked by Owl Readers Club if we would be keen to join their book-lovers community, we felt ready and confident to sign up, knowing that we have gained precious experience in discerning which books our boys will like to read. And new books for the holidays are always a great idea! But we were pleasantly surprised to find that we didn’t just gain a few more titles for our bookshelves – because this is more than just your average online bookstore…

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I love you anyway

motherchild-1024x682I first read The Five Love Languages when I was dating the hubby. Fast forward some seven years later, and I found myself reading The Five Love Languages for Children when David was just starting to walk. It became apparent, pretty early on, that words of affirmation and acts of service rank quite highly on my elder boy’s list, while Daryl is all about the physical touch.

At face value, it seems easy for me to fill up David’s love tank, because I myself am someone who enjoys giving and receiving words of affirmation. But a recent encounter showed me how thoughtless my words can be, and reminded me to be more mindful of the assumptions I make and how I speak to my tender-hearted boy.

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One week and counting…

Yesterday was Day #8 of our massive #letsgettidy project for the home, and thanks to the tips and tricks gleaned from Marie Kondo, things have been going along pretty smoothly. 🙂 We’re about one-third way through our entire house-worth of stuff at the moment, given away bags of loot to our friends and bundled off several bursting at the seams bags and boxes of our stuff to the nearest Salvation Army collection point!

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Day in a Life: Diary of a sorta-WAHM


Life has been pretty much a roller-coaster ride this past year, with a whole lot of changes in our family lifestyle and schedules. For one, Daryl started school this year, and Dottieshop began to take off. Then, there have also been changes in the ministry I serve in in church, and the start of swimming lessons for the boys and drum lessons for David. Some days are a mad rush of appointments and tasks, while other days are languid and leisurely enough for me to just sit and reflect. (I’d like more of the latter kind, please!)

I’m not really sure if I’m considered a SAHM anymore, since I also do quite a bit of freelancing work and run my little business, Dottieshop. But I don’t know that all that ad-hoc work adds up to being called a WAHM?

Well, anyway, here’s a peek into what my typical weekday is like these days, as a SAHM-sorta-WAHM. 😉

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You call me beautiful


About a year after I got married, I ran into an ex-churchmate at a shopping mall. He happened to come into the same restaurant that we were dining in, and since there weren’t many seats around, he asked if he could join us. Sure, I said.

It was not a long dinner by far, but 20 minutes was all it took. To cut a long story short, we had started by catching up on what we were doing for a living, since we had not seen each other for some 8-10 years, and his words, which he delivered in a jovial manner, shook me to the point that I was seething inside.

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