P1 Ready | School bag, check!

One of my concerns about David beginning Primary 1 next year was how he was going to lug his books to school. You see, both our boys are on the short side, and the average P1 kid seems to lug at least half his weight to school these days.

Worried that he might hurt his back muscles or develop bad posture by walking around with such a heavy load, I began scouting around for an ergonomic backpack for David a few weeks ago. That’s how I discovered Ergoworks, and I wrote in to ask if they would have something suitable for my son’s small size. They replied very quickly, and we made a trip down to the Ergoworks showroom about two weeks ago. And so, David is now the proud new owner of an IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag!


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Little drummer boy


It’s been well over a year since the boy stopped learning piano. For those who haven’t been following this blog for long, here’s the summary of events:

Two years ago, Boy announced he wanted to learn piano | Boy began private piano lessons with mummy’s friend | Boy realised playing the piano is not as easy as it looks | Mummy realised driving across the island with two noisy boys in the backseat during peak hour traffic once a week is headache-inducing and blood-pressure raising | Boy was very restless in class | Boy wasn’t keen to continue with piano lessons | Neither was Mummy | Mummy didn’t want to force boy to learn music, because she believes that the best musicians love their art, and that love can’t be manufactured through discipline | But Mummy nevertheless wanted Boy to understand the value of hard work and perserverance | Boy stopped formal piano lessons | Mummy decided to continue teaching Boy herself until the beginners music book was finished | Many tears of frustration and hi-fives later, it was done | No talk of music lessons until late last year when the family caught a band’s performance at the Esplanade | Since March this year, Boy began asking for drum lessons | Daddy and Mummy decided to wait this time and see if it was a passing interest | Six months later, David begins drum lessons proper

Phew, that was a longer summary than I expected! 😉

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The adventures of Astro Daryl

Space cadets on deck! Aye Aye, Captain!!

The littlest had a blast this September hols with his first ever camp – and not just any camp, mind you, but an out-of-this-world Astronaut Training Camp by The Little Executive! Three mornings of space cadet training at base camp for these feisty young recruits, and from the joy on Daryl’s face every morning when he heard was going to “Astro Camp” again, it’s clear that he had a wonderful, great adventure.

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Hoo-liday fun at Artify!

IMG_6330As with the past two school holidays, we signed David up for another Art Camp at Artify Studio this week. In March, he had a rawr-some time among the leaves; the month of June saw him boogie-ing in the jungle; this time round, he had a hoot of a time painting two one-of-a-kind pieces that he declares shall “go on my bedroom wall”. (Which happens to be chock-full of pieces at the moment. Apparently mummy needs to do some interior re-organising soon…)

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I will be your safe place

12970943_10156751270100585_8618967372439130824_oOver this past year, I have witnessed our older boy going through some major emotional transitions. Perhaps it’s something to do with being six, or perhaps it’s because we are talking to him more about what primary school will be like now, or perhaps it’s the fact that he’s just beginning to become aware of the many layers of people and society around him…

The past few months have seen us discussing topics like faith, death, what heaven and hell are like, why people (including us) are mean sometimes, friendship, jealousy, loyalty and (even) marriage. I was grossly unprepared for most of these conversations – I mean, seriously, these little people… their minds flit from one topic to another so seemingly (but not really) randomly and instantly, it’s hard to keep up! I feel like I could definitely have said things better on many occasions. Still, we live and we learn eh, and I can definitely say I’m learning a lot from these unexpected conversations with my son.

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When David met Annie

Annie Heidi Gray

Long before I could fully appreciate the wonders of live theatre, my heart was stolen by the likes of Holly Golightly, the Artful Dodger and Little Orphan Annie, thanks to the wonderful world of rental VCDs. It has been a good 15 years since I first watched the 1982 recording of ANNIE, and I was excited to see how the musical would bring this familiar classic to new life on the stage, for a whole new generation of viewers…

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I’ve got you


Ten years ago, a group of us were invited to attend and lead worship at an international missions conference in the region. As I was serving in a music ministry at the time, it wasn’t an unusual request or the first time that I was part of such an event, but it is only years later that I am beginning to understand what a truly watershed experience it was for me.

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What 50:39 taught me


This morning, my Facebook feed literally EXPLODED with reports of Joseph Schooling’s record-breaking win of the Rio 2016 Olympics 100m butterfly event. And what a race it was! Definitely something I will remember for many years to come, caught up in the moment as we all were, Singaporeans at home and abroad. It was 50:39 seconds of pure adrenalin, edge-of-seat bated breath, lithe and agile movements and that euphoric win. Our first Singapore gold!

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Shifting sands

4Recently, it feels like I’m in a state of transition and limbo. Not alarmingly or distressingly so, but just, like SO. Part of me is at peace in accepting that life is always about change and uncertainty and new perspectives and goals. Then again, I also wrestle with those feelings of lostness and loss that are part of the journey.

Do you ever have moments like these? It feels like I’m on a bus headed somewhere. I don’t quite know where I’m headed, but I somehow know it’s someplace good yet uncertain. I have no itinerary for my bus route, so I don’t know where we are stopping at or for how long. I’m glad I have friends with me on the ride, but they are equally clueless about how we are getting to where we are supposed to go, and besides, we might be getting off at different stops along the way…

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