Our first night under the stars

In all my 35 years of life up until last December, I have never once camped in a tent overnight. Oh, I’ve been to many camps and mission trips over the years, but they all involved stays in dormitories or hostels, never the outdoor kind of tents that I would see in movies or read about in books. And I had no inclination to try anyway, since I’ve never been particularly nature-loving nor outdoorsy, but then God gave me two bug-loving, flower-plucking, ant-spotting, bird-watching boys, so…

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Happy birthday Inuka!

We were invited to celebrate Inuka’s birthday yesterday morning at the Singapore Zoo! Yes, that little cub that our nation fell in love with is now the ripe old age of 26 years old – which is over 70 human years! Thanks to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the boys got to be part of his birthday celebration at Frozen Tundra on Thursday morning (and spent a good half day at the zoo!).

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A rush of Adrenaline!

Cirque Adrenaline most definitely lives up to its name! We were treated to a smorgasbord of death-defying feats all served up in perfectly sized (c)hunks of six packs and exhilarating action. Heh. The boys said “Wow!” so many times that I lost count. And my own heart might have stopped beating at least a couple of times during our 2+ hours in the Marina Bay Sands MasterCard Grand Theatre.

Here’s presenting some of our favourite acts from the night!

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When things don’t go as planned

I love lists. All my life, I have made list after list, covering everything from grocery runs to holiday packing to study schedules and wedding plans.

Whenever I am worried about something, I make a list to breakdown my insurmountable mountain into bite-sized points that I can wrap my head around. Sometimes my lists are physically written on paper, or the nearest napkin or receipt. Sometimes they just float around in my head.

Making lists doesn’t mean I always succeed in everything I do, that’s for sure, but they certainly help me stay calm and think of alternatives. Especially when the list I have already made becomes impossible, when things don’t go as planned…

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I remember…

Today, I watched the boys chasing their friends amidst jets of water under a blazing sun, and I marvelled at how a mere two years ago, both were afraid of the “scary water shooting”.

My friend and I had a decent chat over lunch while our five boys enjoyed their meal at a separate table.

They trooped, single file and noses to the ground, searching out every lizard, fire ant and pretty flower they could find, and even found a dead frog in the process.

We watched as the older two laughed at each other’s jokes, poured water into each others’ beakers, and went into the Gents together. These two, who have known each other all their lives – and now they are six.

And our second borns are at that age now, the age where they are losing their baby fats and picking up the mannerisms and attitudes of an almost 5yo. Wanting to be independent like their kor kors, but not quite ready for it yet.

A wistful sigh escaped my lips more than once, and I felt my heart torn in a way that has become familiar to me now. That longing that time would stand still and this moment could be captured forever, mingled with a sense of loss of the sweet innocence of babyhood, and a burst of pride that they have come this far.

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Advent Christmas Jars


In years past, our family has planned a month of meaningful Advent activities/crafts that take us from 1 to 25 December. This year, we decided to do something different.

One big reason is that the recent spate of Dottieshop madness has given me very little capacity to plan for the 25 days, so I decided to simplify. Drastically 😉

Another reason for the change is because I wanted something that would bring our hearts back to focusing on just three things this busy Christmas season: Joy, Prayer & Thanksgiving (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Less getting and more giving; less scurrying about and more resting in His love.

And so, I present to you our DIY Advent Christmas Jars!!

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