Mister Maker is coming to Singapore!

MM 1000x600px V1(11May)-04For the very first time, CBeebies’ Mister Maker is coming to Singapore for a theatre tour that spans seven shows from 10 to 12 June 2016. The boys are going to be really excited to catch him LIVE this school holidays. I say “going to be” because we haven’t told them yet – if we do, he’s all they’re going to talk about from now till then.

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You will do just fine

IMG_4815This morning, I dropped the boys off at school as usual. But I hung around for a bit, since I was meeting my cousin for breakfast a little later on, and watched them do their usual morning singspiration, complete with jumping-around-action-songs and loud singing.

I saw Daryl jumping with glee, with not a care in the world. I’m pretty sure he has no clue what the song was about.

I saw David, also singing with gusto, but with a noticeably more self-conscious air about him than his brother. I saw the same for his classmates. There was a marked difference between the N2s and K2s, and this is not the first time I have made this observation, but today it hit me with a pang.

How fast they grow…

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For every father


We are now about one month to Father’s Day, and a group of friends and I have joined hands to raise funds for a good cause. Besides our own fathers, and (for those of us who have kids) the husbands we love, there is a special group of fathers that often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Most days, we pass by them on the streets or in the malls and food courts, and scarcely give them a second look – but these are men who have sacrificed precious time with their families just so they can put bread on the table, pay the bills, and perhaps send their kids to school.

This June, our team hope to be a blessing to these fathers through two Father’s Day gift sets. All sales proceeds will be donated to HealthServe, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing healing and hope to migrant workers in Singapore.

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 7: Sakura, a splinter scare and shopping time!


Our plan for the day was to spend the morning at Shinjuku Gyo-en feasting our eyes on the myriad of cherry blossom trees there, spend the afternoon exploring the suburban town of Shimokitazawa, famed for its quaint cafes and vintage stores, and then admire the view from Tokyo Metropolitan Building at night. Well, on holidays, things often don’t go as planned… 😉

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Perhaps, never

For the past two years, the boys and I have been following The Adventures of Squirky the Alien, a dear little blue alien who goes looking for his birth parents after finding out that he was adopted. Squirky’s journey has taken him across the galaxy, and he has met several charming characters along the way, all who have shaped his journey in some way or other.

#1 Why Am I Blue?
#2 What Happened To Planet Q?
#3 Who Is The Red Commander?
#4 Where Is My Mama?
#5 How Do You Get To The Garden Galaxy?

At the end of the last book How Do You Get To The Garden Galaxy, Squirky was faced with the dilemma of continuing his search at the expense of never seeing his adoptive family again, and he finally made the heart-wrenching choice to return to Earth…

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Descendants of the Sun

descendants-of-the-sun-posterHave you heard about DOTS? Not DOTZ, which by the way is what most of my friends call me haha, but DOTS a.k.a. Descendants of the Sun. The Korean drama hit screens in April this year, and quickly built a massive following that is still steadily growing. After wondering what the hype was all about for weeks, I finally caught the series for myself last week. Ah, finally I understood what the fuss was all about…

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An evening of Magic!

Growing up, my mum and I were fans of renowned illusionist David Copperfield, and would watch televised programs of his exploits with great excitement, together on our living room sofa. In recent years however, it seems like magic shows – or rather good magic shows – have been few and far between. (I’m not a fan of Criss Angel; he freaks me out somewhat.)

So I was thrilled to find out that The Illusionists were coming to town, and thanks to Base Entertainment Asia, we had tickets for Saturday night’s show. The hubs and I brought along David to experience the magic for himself firsthand.

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A Mum’s Treasure

IMG_3489There’s a verse in the Bible that I always used to puzzle over. For some reason, the words leapt off the page at me, and even before I learnt the wonders of inductive Bible study, I noticed that they appeared twice in the same chapter. Among all the women of the bible, I don’t think I’ve learnt as much about motherhood from anyone else – Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 6: On new friends, aqua adventures and fresh inspiration!

IMG_3796One highlight of our Tokyo trip was the time spent with our Japanese friends Haramichi and Sachie. I first met Haramichi on a mission trip in 2004, when I was a freshman and he was a second year student at Waseda University. It has been a joy to see him growing in faith and living life to the full, and we always make it a point to meet up whenever I am in Japan. He even came down to Singapore for our wedding in 2007, with another friend. This time round, it was such a joy and honour to get to meet his girlfriend, Sachie, and David adores her. 😉

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