Hi! This blog is where I share my experiences as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, and Princess of God. I love staying home with my two little boys, David and Daryl, and doing all sorts of crafts with them, baking sweet treats for loved ones and scrapbooking precious memories. Right now, our days are filled with artistic messes, lego houses, horsey rides and lots of reading. We also have a dwarf bunny, Tudy, whom we love very much.

I started this blog with the desire to share not just the picture-perfect moments of bliss and success, but the struggles and failures that mums and wives may grapple with. This is real life – but I’m glad I am not walking this journey alone. My hubby, Mel, is one of the most patient and sensible men I know, definitely a pillar of strength! More importantly, I am thankful to God for His goodness and presence daily in my life, for walking with me through the joyful moments, and the horrible ones.

I also love to write, and am a regular contributor to The New Age Parents, New Age Pregnancy, and The Kitchen Society. Do check these sites out sometime! 🙂

This blog accepts sponsored reviews, but not paid advertisements. In this way, I would like to assure my readers that any opinions shared are honest and heartfelt, and based on first-hand experience of the product or service. I can be contacted by email [apancakeprincess@gmail.com] or on Facebook.

Welcome to my space, join me on this journey!

❤️ Dotz

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