Rahab Ministries was founded in 1989 by New Zealander Patricia Green, who directed the centre until 2004. (Patricia passed on in March 2015.) The Ministry continues to grow under a strong local leadership team of Thais with a passion for reaching out to their own countrymen, which I personally think is a wonderful legacy left behind by the New Zealand team.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime – Maimonides 

Rahab Ministries works in association with World Outreach International and Piemwaung Foundation, with direct oversight from Jaisamarn Church in Bangkok.


The majority of the women in the Patpong bars are from Isaan, in the north east of Thailand, who have come to Bangkok looking for work to provide for their families back home. For many, a lack of education limits their opportunities to find work, and they end up in becoming a sex worker.

Rahab Ministries takes these girls in from a life of prostitution and employs them in either jewelry making, nail art or hairdressing while also teaching them the English language. Retraining them in a safe Christian environment, where they can learn about Jesus, allows for healing and a deep heart change from the inside out.

Once the women have recovered and are able to support themselves, they are encouraged to find a trade that suits them, and to pursue it with Rahab Ministries’ initial support and constant prayer.


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