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When friends Lois and Shuhui went to Pattaya Thailand in 2010, they visited the Tamar Center for Women that operates under YWAM Thailand. Tamar Center reaches out to Thai girls who have been unwittingly forced into prostitution, rehabilitating and equipping the girls with various skills that they can use to find a legitimate job when they return home. That sparked off their desire to see something similar for the street ladies in Singapore.


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Prostitution is illegal in Singapore, but pimping and public soliticiting are not. Licensed brothels operate in designated areas, most notably in Geylang. Tamar Village reaches out to these marginalized women who have been caught up in the sex industry. Over time, they build relationships with these women and walk alongside them as a friend, journeying with them into a new life. This is not a ministry that bears fruit overnight, given that the the women are often in very challenging situations. However, through years of patience, love and prayer, Tamar Village believes that the roots of their efforts will go deep, and the fruits of life transformation will grow over time.

I was actually shocked to discover that a significant percentage of the sex workers in Singapore are our fellow Singaporeans. Tamar Village focuses on reaching out to these locals, because they are, after all, our sisters and friends, mothers and daughters. Most of them have not been trafficked into the trade, but are there by choice, due to difficult circumstances in life. I personally hope to become more involved with the work they doing in the future.

Tamar Village seeks to make an impact not just in the lives of these street ladies, but in their families as well. Through building bridges to the children and other family members of these women, they hope to help them break the cycle of brokenness and experience restoration in all aspects of their lives.

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