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We unwrapped our box from Bakestarters with much excitement this week, since all of us are big pineapple tart fans. Since I had some time before our projected baking day (Friday), I was thinking of ways to make our tarts look dog-like, in keeping with the Year of the Dog theme. Then I remembered an old milo-doggies cookies recipe I had tried a few years back, and it was perfect!

Our Classic Pineapple Tarts Kit came with full list of ingredients, detailed instructions for mixing the dough and assembling the tarts, and even a cooler bag for the butter and pineapple paste. As the ingredients are freshly packed, Bakestarters recommends using the kit as soon as possible after purchase for best results.

All of us were very impressed with the individual packaging for every ingredient on the list. Except for two egg yolks, which we had to supply on our end, everything else was provided for, down to the baking sheets and even a packet of water for ease of assembly of the tarts.

There was even a QR code provided, should we wish to watch a video demonstration of how the tarts are made. Hubby was impressed!

Thanks to everything being pre-measured out, mixing the dough was a piece of cake! No more mess from scooping flour from the bag of flour into the measuring cups, or worrying about little hands tipping over the sugar container. As someone who’s baked with my boys several times before, I know full well the kind of scrapes and accidents that can happen in the kitchen when your back is turned for a second. But this time round, the boys had the thrill of taking turns to empty each packet into the mixing bowl – and it probably took us a grand total of… 3 minutes?

The dough came together nicely, just as it was supposed to, and after chilling it for the recommended time, we got to work shaping our little “pups”.

The boys loved the puppy tarts idea, and had such great fun making their little doggies. We didn’t have mini chocolate chips on hand, just the big coverture drops kind, but they made for adorable noses on our mutts. We had chocolate rice for the eyes, and Nestle’s Koko Krunch for the ears. Our egg wash baked up slightly patchy later on, so most of our pups ended up piebald 😉

Even the hubs wanted to get in on the action, and made a very unique doggie of his own… see if you can guess which one it is from the pictures below!!

Don’t our pineapple tarts look Paw-somely Dog-gone Good?

In case you’re wondering, yes, they taste great too! We let quite a few people sample our tarts, and they all agreed that the pastry dough is really good. The pineapple filling got mixed reviews, with some saying it was a bit lacking in oomph! – but the boys love it.

This Bakestarters Kit certainly gets our family’s two thumbs up (or four paws?) for making parent-and-child baking a breeze. Seriously, this is THE solution for busy mums, or if you’ve never tried baking before and want to give it a go. You’ll save a lot of heartache and headache from messy kitchen counters and having to wash up all the measuring utensils, which frees up your energy and time to really just Have Fun with the kids – like I did!

These kits not just great for families – I imagine how useful something like this would be for newlyweds who just moved into their new home and want to throw a housewarming party with home-cooked fare. Other mouthwatering offerings in the extensive Bakestarters repertoire include the likes of Cheesecake Bites With Dark Chocolate Ganache, French Passionfruit Brown Butter Tart, and Classic Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. Is your mouth watering yet??

With all the CNY gatherings and feasting around the corner, do check out the full range of Bakestarters Kits online, and make this year’s meal prep not just fuss-free, but fun!


To make your CNY extra sweet, Bakestarters is extending a special discount to all my readers! Simply check out with the code PANCAKE15 for a 15% off all CNY kits, namely Classic Pineapple Tarts, Matcha Shortbread Cookies and Pistachio Shortbread Cookies. This code is valid for use till 12 February 2018.



We were sponsored a Classic Pineapple Tarts Bakestarters Kit for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received, and all photos used and opinions expressed are ours, unless otherwise stated.

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