Icky Gooey Bubbly FUN!

When David told me some months ago that he wanted a science-themed party for his seventh birthday, I think my first thought was “Oh no.” Not because I didn’t like the idea – I’m thrilled the boy is curious about a million and one things – but because I had NO CLUE how to plan a science program! I did google for some experiments that we could do, but just couldn’t envision how that would work out with a group of at least 10 kids. Crowd control is my weakest link.

Then I discovered Mad Science, the team which makes science come alive in fun and engaging ways for children with their collection of interesting gear and interactive programs. David and I watched some of their experiments online, and he was hooked! When the Mad Science Singapore team offered to sponsor us with a Mad Science program for his birthday party, he was over the moon – and so was I 🙂

Mad Science Singapore has a slew of exciting programs just right for kids aged 4-12yo, which help them learn about science through hands-on, creative science shows, holiday camps, preschool programs, after-school programs, birthday parties and workshops. About a month before the party, we chose Icky Gooey Bubbly from their list of party themes. Trust me, it was a very hard choice, because the boy liked everything.

Typically, we begin party prep about a month before the boys’ birthdays, but this year I really didn’t have much to do, thanks to Alessa, our Mad Scientist! We decided to simplify and streamline, eschewing our usual piñata for a candy bar, and ordering Domino’s pizzas for lunch! So the only real “work” that needed to be done was the birthday cake – more on that later. The one-hour main program was completely in the very capable hands of Alessa, and that was certainly a huge load off our minds!

Right from the get-go, Alessa and her “lab assistant” Xing Yoong , were a hit with the kids. Now it’s not easy to get my two restless boys to sit still for an hour – much less a group of 21 kids in an open-space. But they not only managed to hold their attention for a full 60 minutes, they also ensured that every single kid had a great time!

From beginning to end, almost all the children was spellbound. Even my very restless Daryl, who I expected to not sit through more than half of the time, managed to stay rooted to his spot for the bulk of the one hour. How did she do it? I can only say that she asked all the right questions in all the right ways and at all the right times. Even the hubs and I, and many of the parents who were hanging around, were hooked. It was a good refresher of science knowledge for us too!

The kids watched in amazement as the Mad Scientist used a real flame to burn a real money note – but it remained unscorched!

They gasped when water disappeared inside a magic bucket – and the birthday boy was saved from getting splashed!

The very colourful Alien Irmadoodle was mysteriously melted in front of their very eyes, thanks to a chemical that mummy often uses on her nails…

Acids and alkali – the kids learnt what these two liquids are and how to tell them apart.

Everyone had oodles of dry ice fun, including taking turns to taste the big burp potion, playing with dry ice foam, and catching dry ice bubbles!

And, to cap it all off, everyone got to make and take home their very own Mad Science slime…

The one hour flew by like magic – and judging from the big smiles, hearty laughter and collective gasps of the kids, everyone had a wonderful time! Parents and children alike came up to tell us that they really enjoyed the session. Most of all, the birthday boy was all smiles, and that sweet kid caught my eye a couple of times during the program to show me a two thumbs up or clap his hands with glee. Much love to the Mad Scientist for making the birthday boy’s day extra special!

For the birthday cake, the boy had requested for a solar system themed one. After much googling for ideas, this was what we came up with. I had wanted to make the cake a darker shade of galaxy hues, but then realised I would probably have to chuck the whole bottle of food colouring into the mix – which probably wouldn’t be a good idea…

The boy and I painted styrofoam balls for the “planets” using his trust Ikea Mala paints, and then covered the balls with scotch tape, so that the paint wouldn’t contaminate the cake. Then we stuck them into the cake using toothpicks. I am particularly proud of our Saturn’s rings, which we made from copper wire (from Daiso).

From past birthdays, we know that the birthday child is normally flooded with a TON of gifts. While greatly appreciated, I didn’t Marie Kondo our home last year for nothing. Plus both boys are really and truly very blessed with plenty of books and toys and clothes already. So this year, we asked our friends to bring along any pre-loved books they would like to give away instead of a birthday gift. Then every kid got to pick one book from the pile to bring home, and the rest of the books we are giving to Blessings in a Bag. We hope that this little initiative teaches our boys (and their little friends too) that there is much joy in giving, and that every one can make a difference.

Every guest also got a cool Dip-er-do II Stunt Plane from Mad Science to bring home with them, and some of them opened it to play with right away!

I can’t believe it but we completely forgot to snap a family photo throughout the boy’s birthday. We were all just having Too. Much. Fun.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that my boy is S-E-V-E-N now. More reflections to share, when I find the words to say… for now, a very blessed birthday to my little man. May you always have a compassionate spirit, kind soul, curious mind and tender heart!


We were sponsored a Mad Science Party Program for David’s birthday. No monetary compensation was received, and all photos used and opinions expressed are ours. For Birthday Party FAQ and enquiries, visit the Mad Science website, or email madsciencepartysg@gmail.com.

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