A visit to Ergoworks!

David has been so excited about getting his new workspace from Ergoworks, ever since I posted this some weeks back. And during the September holidays, we finally managed to make the trip down as a family to check out their extensive range of ergonomic products! Of course, somebody had to bring along his current Geronimo Stilton book to test out his new table 😉

We were warmly greeted by Anthony, who immediately led us to the kids’ section to introduce us to the different models of desks and chairs for children. Now, the truth is that the price tags of these furniture may feel daunting to most of us at first, but actually, as Anthony shared with us, the desks are not just appropriate for young kids. In fact, the desks are adjustable such that they can be used by children all the way through their teen years, and even into adulthood! That’s a lot of mileage for your investment in a high-quality product, don’t you think?

The ERGOSTARS ES-8501 study desk offers quite a sizeable working space for the child, as well as a shelf on the wall-end, that is easily accessible when seated on the chair. There is also a hook at the side of the desk for your child to hang his school bag or jacket. All the corners are rounded, which is good news for all parents with kids who like to run around and bump into things a lot, a.k.a. my boys…

Anthony was a hit with the boys, and they were friends with him in no time at all. He showed David how to raise and lower the desk height by himself, as well as how to adjust the angle of the desk top. (You can see the numbers and marking on the table leg? That shows you the height of the desk off the floor.) I think this is a huge plus for the Ergostar desk, because it empowers the child to be independent in adjusting the desk to fit his frame – I know it certainly helped David fall that much more in love with his new “toy”.

We learnt that it is ideal for the desk to be sloped at a slight angle when a person is reading, as this is more comfortable for the whole body, and certainly good for the eyes too. However, most children, including ours, often read leaning their chins on the table top, or hunch-backed with their books on their laps – and these are big no-nos if we want to help them maintain a healthy posture and good eyesight.

To help facilitate their ideal reading posture, using an ergonomic chair like the DUOREST DR-289SR is very helpful too. You see, if the desk is sloped at a good angle, but the child is leaning forward when reading, or slouched in his seat, you’ve still got an issue with posture. The Duorest chair’s backrest provides full support for the child’s back, especially the lower back which is where most of us feel pain when we’ve been sitting/slouched for too long. However it is only effective if it is used correctly, and Anthony showed us how to do that.

The child needs to sit with his whole back against the backrest, i.e. with no gap between his body and the chair. This way, the design of the backrest helps to distribute the body weight of the child across the back muscles, so that not all the weight is pressing down on the lower back. The chair should also be pushed nearer to the table, so that the child’s body is just a couple of centimetres away from the table edge. I can see this will take some getting used to for David, but it’s a good habit to train from young.

Another aspect of good sitting posture is that the person’s feet should be flat on the floor. David is still quite small for his age, so he certainly can’t touch the floor from most chairs, including this one, if his back is all the way to the back of the seat. He often chooses to cross his legs on the seat or swing them around. For the DUOREST DR-289SR, we were glad to see that there is also a footrest just above the wheels, so that smaller children don’t have to worry about touching the floor. When the child grows taller and doesn’t need the footrest anymore, it can be detached from the mainframe.

The chair’s height and seat depth is also adjustable by the child, so it will fit his body for at least a few years. However, Anthony pointed out that, while the desk can last you until adulthood, the chair is best suited for younger/smaller-sized children aged up to 10-12yo. Thereafter, there are different models with a wider seat depth and width that you can purchase to better fit your child’s growing frame.

All this while, Daryl had been busy scampering around the showroom, “testing out” various chairs and tables, and Anthony introduced him to a workspace that is just right for his little self!

Wow, we had never seen such a cool chair and table set before, that lowers all the way to the ground – and the boy loved it very much! (This is the IMPACT DR-303 Healthy Study Desk and IMPACT Ergonomic Growing Chair) But sorry Daryl, there just isn’t space for two desks in the room at the moment. And it’s not like you sit still most of the time anyway…

Besides the kids workspace solutions, there are of course a wide range of office workspaces as well, which come in stylish, minimalistic designs and colours, as well as ergonomic laptop bags and stress balls for the working adult.

But for the kids, it’s all clean, bright colours like white, blue, pink and green, and David naturally chose his “favourite” colour – green! Which, we found out, happens to be very popular with the kids, so we will need to wait a few weeks for stock to arrive. That’s ok, good things are worth the wait!

Thanks to Anthony, the boys and us had a really informative and comfortable time getting to know some of these products. Besides being friendly and good with the kids, he didn’t rush us to make a decision (David took quite a while to decide on his preferred colour of furniture), so it was a really relaxing experience for all of us. Thank you for all your help!


If you haven’t yet, do check out the ongoing Ergoworks SG52 Promotion – the ERGOSTARS ES-8501 Desk & Chair Set is going for a special price of $699 (usual price $1998)!! 


This is part 2 of 3 in our sponsored review for Ergoworks. No monetary compensation was received, and all photos used and opinions expressed are ours.

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