David’s new workspace from Ergoworks

It’s been a few weeks since our Ergoworks desk and chair arrived, and the boy has settled down nicely in his new workspace. Nowadays, he certainly has a better posture when he’s doing his work, and sitting properly also seems to be helping him to focus better on his work. I’m pleasantly surprised that he’s also managed to keep his desk fairly clean and neat for these few weeks, and it’s far less cluttered than his previous table was – thanks to the shelves on the wall-end. Thank you Ergoworks!

Here’s highlighting some of the features we love the most about our ERGOSTARS ES-8501 study desk and DUOREST DR-289SR :

Adjustable height and angle of desk
It’s easy enough for the kid to do it on his own! David is just so pleased that he can adjust this all by himself. In fact, the first day the desk arrived, I had to, er, stop him from just winding the table up and down for the fun of it! 😉

Storage space
I hadn’t thought much of these features initially, but I’m really loving how just two simple wall shelves and a drawer just under the desk allows him to free up table space for his work, and makes the whole space look a lot neater than before.

Adjustable height of chair and foot rest
It took us some time to adjust everything to the right level, but now it fits the boy to a tee. To be honest, it took David some getting used to. I had to remind him several times a day to put his feet on the footrest instead of dangling it off the side, and he also found it hard to break the bad habit of sitting on the edge of the chair, instead of right up against the backrest. After a few weeks of nagging, he now remembers the correct posture – most of the time.

Chair lock
Previously, David was easily distracted by things in his peripheral view, and would sometimes come off and on the chair while doing his work, but with the current set-up, such behaviour has been reduced. The chair wheels automatically lock when there is enough pressure on the seat, i.e. when the child is seated properly. This, together with the chair side bars, helps to keep David in position, which in turn helps him to stay focused on the work in front of him. 😉

Both the desk and chair are indeed ergonomically designed to create a conducive environment for a healthy posture, and we are glad that David gets to benefit from these excellent products! His little brother is now asking when he will get his own “big boy desk” too – er, well, maybe in a couple of years, ok Daryl? 


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This is part 3 of 3 in our sponsored review for Ergoworks. No monetary compensation was received, and all photos used and opinions expressed are ours. Read our previous reviews here and here.

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