Daryl’s Paw-some Party!

The littlest turned F I V E earlier this month, and we celebrated his birthday on a Saturday morning with family and friends. Big big thanks to my grandma for letting us set 16 kids loose in her garden, and to my aunts, their helpers and my parents for settling most of the food. This was truly a family-event, put together with much love, and the birthday pup had an awesome – or should we say PAW-some – morning to remember!

The boys had been excitedly cooking up game ideas for the past month or so, with grand schemes such as turning Chor Chor’s driveway into an ice-skating rink for the dinosaurs… and we eventually helped them narrow their ideas down to a list of four practically-possible “missions” for their party-goers to undertake! 😀

However nobody has any photos of them playing the games because everyone was too busy helping them or cheering them on! Haha… except for Mission #1, which involved them working together to make a Super Space Shuttle of recyclable materials for Rubble to escape from the moon. If you’re not a Paw Patrol fan, don’t worry about it – long story.

Summary of the other missions:

Mission #2: Helping Chase and Marshall save the princess who had been captured by a fire-breathing dragon by putting out the dragon’s flames.

Mission #3: Helping Skye and Ryder toss broken bits of a magic crystal (aka balls) across the poisonous river.

Mission #4: Retrieving their Paw-treats from The Star (aka the pinata).

No pics of the piñata bashing either, but it was all over very fast. 😉 I’m glad I thought to take ONE pic of my hard work before the party! We filled our star with Ribena gummies, Marmee snacks and Hi-Chew sweets.

After games, it was on to a feast prepared mostly by my aunt and my Grandma’s helper. They steamed birthday paus (Daryl’s all-time favourite thing), made colourful jellies and baked pasta. We also ordered satay (David’s favourite) and I made a tray-full of ham-and-cheese sandwiches for the kids. I think everyone was pretty happy 🙂

As always, I like to make the boys’ birthday cakes. It’s a promise I made to myself even before they were born, that I would always want to make their cakes – until the day they tell me to stop, that is! Haha…  This year’s cake was a chocolate cake with pink cream cheese frosting, as decided by the birthday boy. I knew there was no way I could make any kind of Paw Patrol decor with my hopeless fondant skills, so we were thrilled to score these puppy cake toppers from Carousel, and super happy to order a fondant badge from our friend Christina.

After cake, it was more FUN in the SUN for the kiddos, until going home time. I was happy to have time to chat with various friends, which I don’t always get to do at parties like these. It was so nice to see our different circles of friends getting to know each other and our family.

Best of all, the birthday boy was very happy. 🙂

Thank you, everybody, for your time, your gifts, your love. 

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