Loving my Gaston Luga backpack!

I’m not your typical backpack girl. I’m not sporty nor am I an adventure seeker, two traits I’ve always associated wearing a backpack with. Since young, I’ve never cared much for haversacks, even during my school days, preferring to wear a cross-body satchel or sling bag instead. But I think I can safely say that I’ve had a delightful change of heart now! 🙂

When I saw the range of bags on the Gaston Luga website, it was literally love at first sight. These are certainly no ordinary backpacks, and would look just as much at home in the office as on a trip around the world. The Gaston Luga range oozes class and impeccable workmanship, and a beautiful colour palette to boot! That said, when it came down to choosing a bag for myself, I finally decided to go for an all-black Pråper bag, as I already have a ton of colour in my wardrobe.

Thanks to the good people at Gaston Luga, my Black (bag) Beauty arrived at my doorstep in just a couple of days, and the boys and I unboxed it with much ceremony and excitement. Even the hubby appreciated the attention to details and clean silhouette and commented that it’s “really very nice”. 🙂

While most backpacks on the market boast thickly padded shoulder straps, thin synthetic fabric and lots of pockets, Gaston Luga‘s range of bags are markedly different in terms of the materials used and Scandinavian style of design, oozing elegance and class. High quality cotton and leather account for the main body of the bag, with unique metal details, such as my Pråper‘s hooks which attach the top cover to the bag at varying heights.

What  I like most about the Pråper is its streamlined and minimalistic look (no zip pockets on the front or side!). It goes with almost everything in my wardrobe, from flowery dresses to my everyday shorts-and-tee combo, and looks great carried on both shoulders or with a single strap.

The inside of the bag is a lovely shade of deep red. There is a padded pocket for my laptop and two small pockets that fit my phone and sunglasses perfectly. If there’s one thing I would change, it’s that I wish that there was also a small zippered pocket on the interior of the bag, for keeping things like my keys and/or miscellaneous items. But I’ve worked around that by keeping a small zip pouch in the bag to hold those items.

I like how roomy the bag is, without looking bulky. Over the weekend, I toted it around everywhere with me, and it held my 15″ Macbook, wad of song charts, bible, wallet, make-up, change of clothes for one boy, camera and phone, with room to spare. In fact Gaston Luga do make their backpacks with the avid traveller in mind – all their bags include a cleverly concealed pocket between the shoulder straps for you to store your passport and travel ticket, for easy access during your travels. As for me, I’ve been using it to keep my EZ-link card in on days when I take the bus!

Using my Gaston Luga Pråper backpack allows me to be hands-free when I’m out and about, which means I can hold on easily to my boys when I’m alone with them. And that’s a big plus for any mama-on-the-go! Of course, it also means more hugs and cuddles are in order…

Check out Gaston Lugas unisex range of backpacks available on their website and read the Gaston Luga story to find out more about this brand’s unique history. You can also find them on Facebook or Instagram.

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I was sponsored a Gaston Luga backpack of my choice for the purpose of this honest review. No monetary compensation was received.


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