TKA 2017: A blast from the past!

The boys and I had a wonderful time at The Kidz Academy today. I’m talking about 10am – 5pm non-stop fun and entertainment, and two very tired kiddos who hit the sack an hour earlier tonight. 😉

I seriously had not expected that we would spend a FULL DAY at the event – but it was that fun! This is no ordinary parenting fair – it’s truly crafted with the kids in mind, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are THE BOYS’ top three picks from today:

#1 Have a digger-rific time at Diggersite!

The boys were stoked to have the chance to sit in the driver’s seat and knock down some bottles, with the help of the very patient staff. Daryl, in particular, was literally jumping for joy to get to wear the little yellow construction vest and helmet.

#2 Let Singapore folklore come alive at Storyland

The legends that I used to read about as a child were brought to life on the stage for the kids to enjoy on the Storyland Stage. Every hour, a half-hour act is performed for a rapt audience, and the actors are really good at interacting with the kids. We managed to catch all three of the main stories that are being performed during the event, but do watch out for special “bonus” stories that are shown at certain time slots – for example, Artbeatz presents Pinocchio in Singapore, a stick puppet show, at 12:30 today (Sat, 10 June).

#3 Have a bouncing good time at not 1, not 2, but 3 inflatable installations!

Which kid does not like a bouncy castle? And over here, there are three varieties to choose from. Thanks to good planning of the organisers, we didn’t find any long snaking queues here, or anywhere else in the arena for that matter.

Here are also some notable mentions from our super fun day:

Minion tattoo parlour

Free tattoos for the kids! I was kind of tempted to get one too, but (1) too many things to carry and (2) short attention span of two boys raring to go. So.

Safe Cycling Circuit

David went for an hour-long session, learning basic traffic rules and safe cycling tips, and enjoyed cycling in the circuit through the various obstacles and twists and turns. He even got a certificate of achievement, which made him (and I) very proud! Daryl was sad that he couldn’t have a go though, as he was *cough* not tall enough yet. I appreciated that the organisers had ample two-wheelers and bikes with training wheels for the kids to choose from, so more children would be able to participate in this activity.

TKA Village

Come here to introduce your kids to some old school games. I attempted to teach Daryl five stones. No, he didn’t get it, haha! But he had fun 🙂

There is also a book cart of second-hand books. All books are sold at $2.90, and the proceeds go to The Salvation Army. How lovely!

TKA Care Challenge

It was heartwarming to see a group of students selling handmade products in support of The Straits Time Pocket Money Fund. The items have been crafted by various schools, including Bukit View Primary School and Saint Andrews Junior College. There were loom bands, copper wire ornaments, shrink wrap brooches and origami works. Kudos to them for their hard work in making the various items, and for manning their little shop with a smile! Do drop by their booth to support them if you can, or just to encourage them for their hard work! 🙂

Colouring Contest

David was so engrossed in colouring his piece that I brought Daryl round to visit some booths to give him the extra time to finish his work.

The Kidz Academy Play Pass

A Play Pass card makes visiting the various educational booths fun, and what certainly helps is how many of the booth staff members were really good with the kids and knew how to engage them and play with them, not just sell their product or course to the parents. Definitely much appreciated!

Robocar Poli & Friends

The boys are not huge fans of the show, but they’ve certainly watched this popular cartoon more than a couple of times. Daryl especially enjoyed learning the dance moves to the Robocar Poli theme song! And both boys were happy to pose with the cute cars during the Meet & Greet session at the main stage. Btw, the Robocar Poli Meet & Greet is on twice a day, at 1pm and 7pm.

We snapped one last pic with this cute dolphin on our way out. If the boys had their way, we would’ve stayed until dinner time… but I was one exhausted mama so no can do. Thank you The Kidz Academy for such a fantastic time!


The Kidz Academy is held at Suntec Singapore Halls 404-406 from 9 to 11 June 2017. More details here. We were given an All-Access Pass to TKA 2017 for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received, and all photos used and opinions expressed are ours.

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