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I’ve always wanted a little home garden. But four dead basil plants, one wilted dill and two sagging beansprout cups later, I admitted defeat. Yup, even that wretched taoge plant didn’t survive my hands… I was simply NOT born with a green thumb. And so I gave up my home garden dream, and settled to admiring pretty pots in cafes and such. But last year, the boys brought home a pretty succulent in a glass jar from one of the flea markets that we visited. And surprise surprise, that little thing has been doing mighty well, and is still thriving as I type!

Emboldened by this “success”, I was quite excited when Masons Home Decor approached us to review their newly launched Terrarium DIY kit. Why not, I thought? And of course, the boys were thrilled to get their hands dirty – quite literally.

Our Customised Terrarium DIY Kit was delivered to our home within a few days, and the boys were so excited to get started, but I told them they had to wait till the weekend. 😉

We made it a family affair, and spent one Saturday morning working on our displays. Unfortunately, we broke the hanging bowl while wiping it clean (clumsy fingers and too many hands), so do note that you do have to exercise some care when handling the bowls, since they are made of glass after all. Thanks to the kind people at Mason, we soon received a replacement bowl!

Filling up our bowls was really fun! And messy.

Some little bunny was a groucho at first because he was more interested in munching his snack…
Meanwhile, kor kor was slowly and steadily laying the bottom layers to our terrariums…
So he decided to cheer up and join the party! Look at that SMILE.
On to the soil! Tip: Cover the floor with newspaper, DON’T sit near a fan, and have the vacuum cleaner ready for that final hoover when you’re all done.
Check out the cute figurines!

Along the way, we realised how much planning needs to go into setting up a terrarium. Honestly, it was quite a struggle for us at the beginning, as we unpotted our plants to find that they needed a whole lot of soil to be secure. Hmmm…. 

It took us some trial and error and, sadly, the death of 1.5 plants before we figured out how to properly plant them into our glass bowls and secure them in place. But all’s well that ends well – thanks to Daddy and Mummy’s hard work at salvaging and the boys’ enthusiastic encouragement. 😀

Don’t they look cute? I especially love the little duckies…

Here are two important tips we learnt from our experience:

1. Never judge a plant by its height alone – we mistakenly assumed that smaller plant = smaller roots, but it turns out the root space needed is about the same. Remove the plants from their pot and gently brush off excess soil to get a sense of how much space you will need to allocate for its roots to be securely earthed.

2. Always position the plant first, then pour the soil in to fill in the gaps around it. It’s much harder to dig a hole through the already-laid soil to insert a plant and its roots.

Despite the challenges, it was definitely a very enjoyable way to spend time as a family. I think it’s also a fun present to give, and works as a gift for both men and women, young and old.

By the way, I later discovered that Masons had given us the hanging glass bowl – which is more challenging than the regular glass vessels – because they thought I had experience with crafts and would be good with these things. Oops! But if you decide to get this kit, rest assured that the regular glass bowl is provided, similar to the other one in our kit, which is very much easier to use. 😉 Check out the full range of Terrarium DIY Kits here!

Masons Home Decor also organises terrarium making workshops where you can learn how to  make different types of terrariums – wouldn’t that be a fun parent-child bonding activity on a weekend?

Thanks to Masons, one lucky reader will win an A-Grade Premium DIY Terrarium Kit worth $159! It’s totally doable, even for people like yours truly who has no green fingers to speak off – so give it a try! Since Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, you could even use the kit to make something pretty for your mum, or better yet, with your mum. 🙂

Each kit includes a set of instructions, a set of shovels, a spray bottle, a bag of activated charcoal, 3 bags of assorted decorative pebbles, 6 assorted succulents, 2 big glass jars, a bag of premium terrarium mix (soil) and 6 small pots of succulents.

You can join our giveaway via the Rafflecopter below. Do note that the giveaway ends on 30 April 2017.

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We were sponsored a Customised Terrarium DIY Kit from Masons Home Decor for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received, and all photos used and opinions expressed are ours.


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