Dare to Dream


As the year begins to draw to a close, I find myself looking back. I remember the dreams I had at the start of the year, and some dreams which have been part of my life over the years that are yet to be realised. How about you?

Some dreams, we have pursued, prayed over, planned for and experienced. Others are nothing more than mist in the clouds of our minds now – transient and fleeting away; we can’t remember why these things were so important to us at one time. Then there are those unfulfilled hopes that are more like a subdued ache that will probably be a part of our lives for a long, long while. And last of all, those dreams that have vanished or been destroyed, sometimes by our own doing, or by the actions of others.

It’s not easy to make your dreams come true, as cliche as that statement is. Often, it’s a lot easier to just give up, or allow self doubt and fear to hold you back from every trying.


I’m reminded of Rapunzel from the Disney cartoon Tangled, and her single-minded focus on her dream of seeing the “floating lights”. I love the way she went after her dream. Perhaps it’s that kind of a single-mindedness that is needed for dreams to come true.

Starting next week, I’d like to introduce you to a few brave souls who have dared to dream, and pursue their passions in life. Each one of them has truly been an inspiration to me. I hope you’ll enjoy reading their stories, exploring their wares, and even taking part in a couple of giveaways!

Look back to look forward. Look in to live out. What new dreams are on the horizon for you?

Here’s leaving you with another song from the musical Mamma Mia. 🙂


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