Sponge bombs (and 5 easy-peasy ways to have fun with them!)


We made these “bombs” this afternoon. It took all of FIVE minutes and FOUR bucks to create SIX super-soaker squishes for the boys. This is seriously the easiest DIY ever, and going by the squeals and shouts that came out of our bathroom tonight, the boys absolutely love it. Try it for yourself!

First up, how do you make these “bombs”?

Sponge3Lest you think I am so clever to come up with such an ingenious idea all on my own, haha, I got it from this post. We got a bag of sponges and a pack of multi-colour rubber bands from Daiso ($4 in total). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the thinner type of sponge that was used in the original version, but I made do with the thicker sponges, cutting them into quarters, and then halving each quarter (so one sponge yields you 8 sticks).

David counted out 8 sticks for each bomb, and then all that was left to do was to tie them in the middle with a rubber band. ALL DONE. See how easy? 🙂


And now, here are 5 easy-peasy ways you can have a whole lotta fun with this sponges! In the toilet, at the beach, or in someone’s garden/backyard.

Dunk them in a pail of water, let sit for a moment or two, then have a sponge bomb war. These “bombs” don’t hurt you when you get hit, but have the same effect as their plastic bagged counterparts. There’s no prep required at all. Best thing is there’s no grass strewn with broken bags to be cleaned up after a fight!

Make “rain”. So simple, but the boys were giggling non stop over their new-found ability to create rain. As easy as lifting a soaked sponge above the other party’s head and squeezing the water out!

Paint with them. These sponges are great to making great sweeping statements on your bathroom walls. Just remember to use water-soluble paint so that it’s easy to clean up afterwards. It helps if you have white tiles on the toilet walls, like we do – the perfect canvas for a sponge-painted masterpiece!

Lather up a storm. Sponges are great for working up some foam, and foam lends itself to so many play possibilities! A dollop of soap and some vigorous hand action are all your need . Add in some bubble wands too.

Aim and shoot! Mark out a target on the bathroom wall (some washi tape would work well), then let the kids take aim and fire their wet “bombs” at the bull’s eye. If you’re taking this game outdoors, how about hanging an apple from a low-hanging tree branch, and seeing who can knock it sideways?

I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with many more ways to play with these sponge “bombs” – please feel free to share any ideas in the comments below! 🙂

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