Daryl’s Paw-some Party!

The littlest turned F I V E earlier this month, and we celebrated his birthday on a Saturday morning with family and friends. Big big thanks to my grandma for letting us set 16 kids loose in her garden, and to my aunts, their helpers and my parents for settling most of the food. This was truly a family-event, put together with much love, and the birthday pup had an awesome – or should we say PAW-some – morning to remember!

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Our first night under the stars

In all my 35 years of life up until last December, I have never once camped in a tent overnight. Oh, I’ve been to many camps and mission trips over the years, but they all involved stays in dormitories or hostels, never the outdoor kind of tents that I would see in movies or read about in books. And I had no inclination to try anyway, since I’ve never been particularly nature-loving nor outdoorsy, but then God gave me two bug-loving, flower-plucking, ant-spotting, bird-watching boys, so…

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What’s SUP?

IMG_6055South Union Park is a gem of a cafe-restaurant nestled in the East, and became our choice of venue to celebrate nine years of marriage earlier this month. We were curious to see how great the food was after seeing some delectable-looking photos on my friend’s IG, and we decided to bring the boys along with us for a cosy family dinner. Well, I’m glad to say that South Union Park certainly lived up to all our expectations! #notasponsoredpost

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After the flour has settled…

Gorgeous flower art done by David above; mosaic flower and leaves decor done by the boys and I hanging below.

Boy, what a week it has been! Cleaning the house from top to toe, decluttering the storeroom in a major way, changing new notes and stuffing our stash of red packets for loved ones and friends, and of course, baking up a storm in the kitchen. (I also had my first formal drum lesson, ran 3.2km for the first time in years, and intercepted many fights over Lego… Yes, it’s been a hectic few days!)

I’m really pleased that, for the second year running, we didn’t buy any CNY goodies for ourselves – everything is homemade with much love. 🙂 During the early years of marriage, we racked up pretty hefty bills shopping for CNY goodies for ourselves and our loved ones, and often bemoaned the fact that all we had to show for it in the end were rounder tummies and emptier wallets.

Over the years, I began experimenting with baking my own treats, using recipes which had good reviews online. Last year was the first year that we managed to do everything ourselves, so I knew we could do it again this year. This time around, I tried a couple new recipes, with pretty satisfactory results!

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Tanjong Goodman 2016

IMG_2228 (1)
“Look Mummy! So cool!”

Our family was invited to a preview of the annual Tanjong Goodman event last Saturday, and it was a full three hours spent getting acquainted with some of our talented local artists and exploring various nooks in the beautiful grounds of Goodman Arts Centre. It was the first time we had taken a proper tour of the space, and there was so much to learn and see!

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Urban Farm & Barn

It’s been rather a whirlwind of a holidays thus far, with lots of fun outings to be had, hours of Christmas crafting and all kinds of imaginary play going on in the home. In between, I tried to squeeze in a couple of so-called “educational” trips here and there. Well, in reality, kids are always absorbing new info on-the-go, so every trip is really a learning experience, but I planned a couple of trips where the learning was more intentional, in that sense, and one such trip was to Urban Farm & Barn!

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Pizza, please


Our boys, no our family, LOVES pizza. Every now and then, the boys pester me to make ’em pizza for lunch, so we have our amateur homemade version every few weeks or so. We aren’t big fans of the usual fast food options like Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza though, neither do we love the overly “healthy” versions like Skinny Pizza. Heh.

For now, we have a few selected restaurant-cafes we would buy our pizza from, which don’t burn a hole in our pocket or leave us with a greasy taste in our mouths. And after last night, we can definitely add Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar to our list of favourites!

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Pince & Pints


We celebrated the hubby’s big 4-0 today with a day of feasting, errands run, and just time spent as a family. There were no birthday surprises or loud fanfare, for the hubs is a fairly reserved guy and doesn’t like too much fuss. However, we did try to make this day an extra special one for him, and to let him know how much he is loved. 🙂

For dinner, we made it to Pince & Pints, whose pictures I have been drooling over on Instagram. Since lobster is kind of vaguely-related to our early days of dating (haha!), I thought his birthday would be just the right occasion to check it out. Hubby was pretty pleased with the choice, and we decided to go down for an early dinner, since the restaurant doesn’t take reservations for groups smaller than 8pax.

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Party, we did.


Not once, not twice, but three times, for the birthday boy. I know some friends think I’m slightly crazy, but honestly, I love planning the boys’ parties, and I love the joy that it brings them and us (and no, I don’t think I’m spoiling them in the process). Both boys are pretty involved in various aspects of party prep, and this year in particular, David had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted from as early as March. He wanted a Star Wars party with light sabers, a chocolate cake with “lots of chocolate”, pizza making for his friends and a “big piñata”!

Well, his wish was granted on all fronts, except that we bought the kids pizza because 15 kids making pizza in our house might have knocked us out… and his Pirate themed art class made him interested in treasure maps too, so we had some piracy thrown into the mix!

I lost my phone the day before his party weekend, which was unsettling to say the least, but also meant I left all the photo-taking to the hubby and friends. Sorry that we couldn’t capture every single guest who came (some of the shots are too blur or pixelated), but we were SO happy to have you come and celebrate with us!

Here are some of our favourite photos of the boy’s three celebrations – one with our friends (Star Wars), one with our families (Pirates themed) and a short-and-simple cake-cutting session with his kindergarten class (Star Wars).

Dear David, welcome to the year of being Fantastic and Five!

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