Growing pains

The other day, I was walking behind the boys as they trotted hand in hand down the corridor to the lift, and it dawned on me that they have grown quite a fair bit this year. To be sure, they are both still on the (very) small side, but I distinctly remember those too-long school shorts reaching below David’s knees on that first day of Primary 1 that now seems like such a distant memory. Those same shorts are a clear 2 cm above his knee now. And I marvel at Daryl’s newfound swagger and style of walking that he only picked up sometime this year too. How my heart ached in that moment of realisation that my boys are growing up right before my eyes…

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Just another mum making it work

How does one begin to write about the big, chaotic, colourful, exhilarating, frustrating, rewarding, heart-breaking whirlwind adventure that is Motherhood?

After almost seven years of mothering two rambunctious chaps, I’ve come to the conclusion that no two mothers’ experiences are ever alike. It’s the little moments and the unexpected encounters and a myriad of factors that shape each woman’s completely unique journey of motherhood – and yet, we each make it work, in our own ways. Here’s a snapshot of my experience.

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Celebrating small adventures

As you have probably guessed by now, blogging has taken a little bit of a backseat this year, as it’s been challenging to juggle mothering my two adorable rugrats with managing Dottieshop and housework and church work. But I’m still going to blog as often as I can, and today’s rainy afternoon was the perfect opportunity to huddle up in my cosy sheets with my laptop while the boys took an afternoon nap. (I LOVE the sweater weather we’ve been having the past two days! Except during the school drop off and pick up times…)

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Our first night under the stars

In all my 35 years of life up until last December, I have never once camped in a tent overnight. Oh, I’ve been to many camps and mission trips over the years, but they all involved stays in dormitories or hostels, never the outdoor kind of tents that I would see in movies or read about in books. And I had no inclination to try anyway, since I’ve never been particularly nature-loving nor outdoorsy, but then God gave me two bug-loving, flower-plucking, ant-spotting, bird-watching boys, so…

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I love you anyway

motherchild-1024x682I first read The Five Love Languages when I was dating the hubby. Fast forward some seven years later, and I found myself reading The Five Love Languages for Children when David was just starting to walk. It became apparent, pretty early on, that words of affirmation and acts of service rank quite highly on my elder boy’s list, while Daryl is all about the physical touch.

At face value, it seems easy for me to fill up David’s love tank, because I myself am someone who enjoys giving and receiving words of affirmation. But a recent encounter showed me how thoughtless my words can be, and reminded me to be more mindful of the assumptions I make and how I speak to my tender-hearted boy.

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David’s Dinobot Party

img_6725Until recently, party prep for the boys’ birthdays have typically begun a few months in advance. Partly because I like spreading all the DIYs out so it’s not hurried, and partly because I’m always itching to plan the next one. This year, however, with the recent spate of Dottieshop workshops, it has been challenging to find time to do things at a leisurely pace. So I decided to enlist the boy’s help in planning this year’s party, and the then-almost-6yo boldly declared that he would be in charge of everything and tell me what to do.

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I will be your safe place

12970943_10156751270100585_8618967372439130824_oOver this past year, I have witnessed our older boy going through some major emotional transitions. Perhaps it’s something to do with being six, or perhaps it’s because we are talking to him more about what primary school will be like now, or perhaps it’s the fact that he’s just beginning to become aware of the many layers of people and society around him…

The past few months have seen us discussing topics like faith, death, what heaven and hell are like, why people (including us) are mean sometimes, friendship, jealousy, loyalty and (even) marriage. I was grossly unprepared for most of these conversations – I mean, seriously, these little people… their minds flit from one topic to another so seemingly (but not really) randomly and instantly, it’s hard to keep up! I feel like I could definitely have said things better on many occasions. Still, we live and we learn eh, and I can definitely say I’m learning a lot from these unexpected conversations with my son.

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