And then, there was Snow White

A few months back, the kind folks at Gaston Luga gifted me with a beautiful black Pråper backpack, and I was smitten with its classic and minimalistic design. Since then, I’ve been carrying my beloved “Black Beauty” out and about on all occasions, and recommended this brand to various ones. Last week, they very generously delivered this “Snow White” dream-of-a-bag to my doorstep – isn’t she lovely?

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 4: The Cup Noodle Story

We were blessed with beautiful blue skies and a cool breeze for our fourth day in Tokyo, a day spent at Yokohama, which is about an hour’s journey from our hotel. After a good night’s sleep on our comfy futons, we were all set for an exciting day ahead! The boys enjoyed their onigiri breakfast very much, but the hubby and I were craving coffee. Good thing there was a Moriva’s on the way to the train station…



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Stickers we love!


When Stickerkid approached me with their very cute and versatile sticker labels purported to be waterproof and long-lasting, I was definitely keen to give them a try. After all, it’s not easy to find high quality sticker labels these days, and the boys can be quite rough with their bags, water bottles, and even books, unfortunately. When I showed David the webpage for selecting our sticker characters, he was fascinated and wanted to choose almost every one! I can’t say that I blame him 😉

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For the Love of Lemons


It’s amazing how many thoughts can run through your mind in any one given time. As someone whose mind tends to work in fast-forward overdrive mode (often NOT a good thing), decision making can sometimes be quite a huge private struggle for me. So I thought I’d share about one significant decision made during our family’s recent trip to Legoland, which ended with an afternoon at the Johor Bahru Outlet Mall, and the purchase of a very special bag 🙂

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[Dare to Dream] Happyness Is Homemade | Ryan


Clydia is the youngest of my mummy friends and runs a household of four boys (1 hubby + 3 kids). I’m always amazed by her energy and passion for her family, her hobbies, and her clean home – she was baking, sewing and cleaning toilets all through her most recent pregnancy, and even walked her eldest boy to and fro from school every day. With no #3 added to their clan just a few weeks ago, Cly and her family are, understandably, very much still in transition towards managing a family of five. Yet she is holding on to her dream, to sew and bake from home, while caring for her children. Kudos also to her hubby Haiks who has supported her in all these endeavours, and who is the Chief Designer of her new website, which was just launched this week!

Cly has amassed a wide range of fabric designs from her many trips to various corners of Singapore. Whether you’re looking for quirky, pretty, floral, minimalistic or bold, you’ll definitely be able to spy something in your taste from her stash! Considering the time and effort that goes into making each piece, I think |ryan| products are very reasonably priced.  I fell in love with quite a few pretty patterns myself, and I hope you will too. In fact, I had the honour of helping to choose the piece for today’s GIVEAWAY! See it below 🙂


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Put your best foot forward


Being a mum to two boys who love to jump, wrestle, jab and bear hug, my daily wardrobe consists of mainly shorts and comfy tees. That’s not to say I don’t love my frills and flounces, dresses and skirts, but it’s just easier maintaining my sanity in pants and flats on most days. Like many women, I used to love flipping through fashion and entertainment magazine spreads to ogle at gorgeous gowns, expensive shoes, and impeccably coiffed models and celebrities. (We don’t buy these magazine anymore, because I’m not comfortable with the boys seeing some of the content at this age. )

Now that I’m done with breastfeeding, and the boys are pulling and tugging at my clothes a lot less, I’ve been slowly updating my wardrobe with more blouses, dresses and accessories. While I do miss the intimacy afforded by breastfeeding, I’m happy to have more options to choose from now (No more need for button front or nursing-friendly tops! Yeah!). I’m still exploring and defining what types of clothes are really “me”, and understanding  which clothes suit my lifestyle and personality best. And so, I was very excited to be invited to a couple of complimentary styling sessions by Ines Ligron and the Dream Factory Team!

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Out with the old, in with the new!



Many of us have at least a few hangers’ worth of clothes that are just collecting dust in our wardrobes, no? Or shoes spilling out of shoeboxes, like Becky Bloomwood in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (only one of my most favourite movies/books ever!) shown in picture above.

I must confess, I have at least several hangers’ worth of outfits that haven’t been worn more than a couple of times! Here’s what one of my friends, Sharon, has been doing in her spare time – fashioning her old clothes into stylish and unique bags for her family and friends! Best of all, she does it all with NO SEWING involved! Wow, how cool is that. Wanna know how she does it?

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Pretty rocks


Recently, I chanced upon local jewellery designer Tammy and her homegrown line SSEK. I fell in love with her pieces at first sight! To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of ethnic-looking jewellery, but I love how her pieces have almost seamlessly married the look of rustic bronze and bohemian charm to create these beautiful, very wearable pieces.

Ssek (noun) : statement rock

“Sek” in Cantonese means stone, or rock.


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