Taipei Travels: Our adventures in the land of street markets and night lanterns

Unlike our Tokyo vacation of 2016, our itinerary for our Taiwan trip was rather vague and open-to-change. We figured that, since the boys were not coming along, we had more freedom to flex and make up plans along the way. I had gotten some recommendations from friends on places to visit, since it was my first time to Taiwan, and hubby had only ever been there on business trips before. Thanks to their suggestions, and the invaluable GoogleMaps, we managed to navigate ourselves around the city pretty smoothly for first-timers. 😉

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What’s SUP?

IMG_6055South Union Park is a gem of a cafe-restaurant nestled in the East, and became our choice of venue to celebrate nine years of marriage earlier this month. We were curious to see how great the food was after seeing some delectable-looking photos on my friend’s IG, and we decided to bring the boys along with us for a cosy family dinner. Well, I’m glad to say that South Union Park certainly lived up to all our expectations! #notasponsoredpost

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 3: Of rainy day crafting, falling petals and a pair of new shoes

On our last morning in the Five Lakes area, we had made plans to take the Kachi Kachi Ropeway up the mountain, admire the view, take a look at Usagi Shrine, eat tanuki (dumplings baked over charcoal), then take a slow walk down to the base again. However, we woke up to gloomy grey skies and the kind of rain that you know is here to stay for quite a while. Mount Fuji herself was so shrouded in fog and rain that we couldn’t see anything on the horizon. Oh bother. 🙁

While the boys soaked and splashed in the onsen, we put our fingers to work the Google way. By the time we went upstairs for breakfast, we had a tentative plan B for our day. Hurray!

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 1: Of hot cocoa, fir cones and our first onsen experience

We are back from our long-awaited, much-anticipated holiday in Tokyo, with some two thousand photos in our possession and eleven days of priceless memories to treasure. We came home to the sobering news of the two earthquakes that hit southern Japan, and together with many others, continue to uphold this nation in prayer.

Quite a few people have expressed interest in our itinerary, especially after seeing our updates on Facebook, so this is the first post in a long series that will chronicle our daily activities in Japan, including helpful links and tips for you to use in your planning. Enjoy! 🙂

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Pizza, please


Our boys, no our family, LOVES pizza. Every now and then, the boys pester me to make ’em pizza for lunch, so we have our amateur homemade version every few weeks or so. We aren’t big fans of the usual fast food options like Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza though, neither do we love the overly “healthy” versions like Skinny Pizza. Heh.

For now, we have a few selected restaurant-cafes we would buy our pizza from, which don’t burn a hole in our pocket or leave us with a greasy taste in our mouths. And after last night, we can definitely add Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar to our list of favourites!

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Pince & Pints


We celebrated the hubby’s big 4-0 today with a day of feasting, errands run, and just time spent as a family. There were no birthday surprises or loud fanfare, for the hubs is a fairly reserved guy and doesn’t like too much fuss. However, we did try to make this day an extra special one for him, and to let him know how much he is loved. 🙂

For dinner, we made it to Pince & Pints, whose pictures I have been drooling over on Instagram. Since lobster is kind of vaguely-related to our early days of dating (haha!), I thought his birthday would be just the right occasion to check it out. Hubby was pretty pleased with the choice, and we decided to go down for an early dinner, since the restaurant doesn’t take reservations for groups smaller than 8pax.

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Penang Day 2 | Up the hill

After one of the best sleeps we’ve had in years (we hit the sack at 10:30pm and didn’t stir until almost 8am the next morning), we were refreshed and recharged for the day ahead! Which began with breakfast downstairs, followed by the drive to Air Hitam. The boys were raring to see their very first “hill” – Penang Hill.

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