A visit to Ergoworks!

David has been so excited about getting his new workspace from Ergoworks, ever since I posted this some weeks back. And during the September holidays, we finally managed to make the trip down as a family to check out their extensive range of ergonomic products! Of course, somebody had to bring along his current Geronimo Stilton book to test out his new table ūüėČ

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Taipei Travels: Our adventures in the land of street markets and night lanterns

Unlike our Tokyo vacation of 2016,¬†our itinerary for our Taiwan trip was rather vague and open-to-change. We figured that, since the boys were not coming along, we had more¬†freedom to flex and make up plans along the way. I had gotten some recommendations from friends on places to visit, since it was my first time to Taiwan, and hubby had only ever been there on business¬†trips before. Thanks to their suggestions, and the invaluable GoogleMaps, we managed to navigate ourselves around the city pretty smoothly for first-timers. ūüėČ

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The Kidz Academy: The legends are back!

Do your kids know how Bukit Merah got its name, or the legend behind the Singapore Stone, or what Sang Nila Utama, a prince from Palembang, has to do with the founding of our island home? Let them have a taste of Singapore folklore served up in juicy nuggets of urban legend and history at the annual Kidz Academy this June holidays!

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Our first night under the stars

In all my 35 years of life up until last December, I have never once camped in a tent overnight. Oh, I’ve been to many camps and mission trips over the years, but they all involved stays in dormitories or hostels, never the outdoor kind of tents¬†that I would see in movies or read about in books. And I had no inclination to try anyway, since I’ve never been particularly nature-loving nor outdoorsy, but then God gave me two bug-loving, flower-plucking, ant-spotting, bird-watching boys, so…

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Happy birthday Inuka!

We were invited to celebrate Inuka’s birthday yesterday morning¬†at the Singapore Zoo! Yes, that little cub that our nation fell in love with is now the ripe old age of 26 years old – which is over 70 human years! Thanks to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the boys got to¬†be part of his birthday celebration at Frozen Tundra on Thursday¬†morning (and spent a good half day at the zoo!).

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What’s SUP?

IMG_6055South Union Park is a gem of a cafe-restaurant nestled in the East, and became our choice of venue to celebrate nine years of marriage earlier this month. We were curious to see how great the food was¬†after seeing some delectable-looking photos on my friend’s IG, and we decided to bring¬†the boys along with us for a cosy family dinner. Well, I’m glad to say that South Union Park certainly lived up to all our expectations! #notasponsoredpost

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Tokyo 2016 | Day 9 : Hello Disneyland!


P4139479 P4139483So after what seems like forever, I’m finally finishing up our Tokyo trip posts with our time at Disneyland and Disney Sea. It was a first for the boys¬†and me (although my mum vaguely remembers they might have brought me to Disneyland when I was really young, but I seriously have no recollection of it and she’s not sure if she’s remembering that or Gold Coast, Australia, but anyway…) and definitely a great way to end our¬†Japan holiday.

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RSS Tenacious, now boarding!

IMG_5662There are still two days left to the June holidays, but since I’m going to be busy at Maker Faire this weekend, today¬†feels like a last day of sorts. And what a wonderful evening we had! Thanks to the good folks at Singapore Navy, we had the incredible opportunity of going onboard the frigate RSS Tenacious and were treated to a special ship tour with Staff Officer (Public Relations) Yong¬†Kee Onn.

The boys were so excited to board the ship, and explored every nook and cranny of the galley, bridge, flight deck, plonked on various chairs throughout the ship, gamely posed for a barrage of photos, cheered for the officers who performed for the Sunset Ceremony, and finally, dressed up in mini uniforms for a memorable snapshot!

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Navy@Vivo | We’re closer than you think

IMG_5942The annual Navy@Vivo is coming round the corner once again, for the fourth year running. For the past few years, we have wanted to bring the boys for this event, but the timing has always clashed with our schedules… This year,¬†the formidable-class frigate RSS Tenacious will be¬†calling at VivoCity Promenade from 23-26 June, and we are finally going onboard this magnificent vessel for the first time.

Ship ahoy!

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