David’s new workspace from Ergoworks

It’s been a few weeks since our Ergoworks desk and chair arrived, and the boy has settled down nicely in his new workspace. Nowadays, he certainly has a better posture when he’s doing his work, and sitting properly also seems to be helping him to focus better on his work. I’m pleasantly surprised that he’s also managed to keep his desk fairly clean and neat for these few weeks, and it’s far less cluttered than his previous table was – thanks to the shelves on the wall-end. Thank you Ergoworks!

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A visit to Ergoworks!

David has been so excited about getting his new workspace from Ergoworks, ever since I posted this some weeks back. And during the September holidays, we finally managed to make the trip down as a family to check out their extensive range of ergonomic products! Of course, somebody had to bring along his current Geronimo Stilton book to test out his new table ­čśë

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Three things you need to know when shopping for an ergonomic workspace

The word “ergonomic” has become part of our regular vocabulary today. We see it sprinkled generously in newspaper ads and furniture showrooms, promoting bags and shoes, desks and chairs, computer keyboards and even pillows! The problem is that, while many brands and manufacturers may claim to be ergonomic, their prices can vary quite a lot. How’s a parent to make a discerning choice when it comes to picking out the best option?

Thanks to the world wide web, the answer is not so hard to find, if we would be willing to take the time to look. ­čÖé My motivation? I wanted to find a workspace solution that works for my older boy, who spends a significant amount of time at his table these days – be it on school work, Berries homework or his own art. Due to his small size, he has this (bad) habit of kneeling on his chair in order to get a good view of his work. Or sometimes he slouches on the table and writes with his head leaning on the table, because he is tired of kneeling. We know that such a posture is bad for his still-developing body and certainly poses a strain on his eyes, and we want to stave off the possibility of wearing spectacles for as long as possible.

Of course we’re tried nagging at him to “sit properly”, but it hasn’t worked very well thus far. We’d also been feeling that maybe a better chair with a back rest might be more comfortable for him than his previous and current backless stools.

So I decided to read up on some possible workspace solutions for his posture, and along the way discovered some misconceptions that many (including us) may have about how ergonomic products work. Here are three things you should know:

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The Little Singapore Book

IMG_6145We spied this book at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) at the National Library back in June, and were attracted by its cover. The Little Singapore Book was available for pre-order at the time. Two weeks ago, our copy finally dropped in our mailbox, and we had a wonderful few days unpacking its contents page by page. David, especially, was captivated by the beautiful illustrations┬áand interesting anecdotes of Singapore’s history.

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My love-hate relationship with Chinese

mandarin_2003767cTruth be told, my Mandarin is bottom-of-the-pile pathetic. My friends know that I am Not. Kidding.

It wasn’t always that way – I actually scored As or near to As during my primary school days. Ironically, it was also during that time that I began to intensely dislike this language that forced me to spend long hours memorising words and phrases, and when the learning curve took a steep jump in secondary school, any interest in the subject was basically killed.

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You will do just fine

IMG_4815This morning, I dropped the boys off at school as usual. But I hung around for a bit, since I was meeting my cousin for breakfast a little later on, and watched them do their usual morning singspiration, complete with jumping-around-action-songs and loud singing.

I saw Daryl jumping with glee, with not a care in the world. I’m pretty sure he has no clue what the song was about.

I saw David, also singing with gusto, but with a noticeably more self-conscious air about him than his brother. I saw the same for his classmates. There was a marked difference between the N2s and K2s, and this is not the first time I have made this observation, but today it hit me with a pang.

How fast they grow…

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C is for Coach (Part 3)


Ever since he was a tiny tot, I’ve been discovering the many┬ásimilarities in personality between my elder boy and I.┬áRecently it was my mum who told me, “He’s exactly┬álike you were when you were his age, you know?” Hearing it from the horse’s mouth, in that sense, made it more real to me.

I’m so very glad that David has inherited my love for art and music – well he has two music-lovers for parents, so that one perhaps not that much of a surprise – and a heart of compassion for the lost, lonely and left behind. He also has his daddy’s ability to focus very long on one thing that he enjoys, and has the same tendency to do things step by step, in an orderly manner. But on the flip side, David┬áhas also inherited my perfectionistic streak, impatience, and hot temper. Uh oh…

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Taking a leap of faith


A few weeks ago, I shared about some thoughts we had about David’s attitude towards his music lessons, and why we were encouraging him to press on. The hubs and I┬áhad several talks with the boy over the weeks, and with each other, and explored a couple of┬ápossibilities. In the end, we decided┬áto move forward with a new and exciting plan…

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